Riding Bareback in the Outback

Tuck’s St Aly one year later. I’ve been riding bareback about 1 out of 3 times I ride; Aly loves it, and it’s a good thing to do when I don’t have as much time to tack up. It does amazing things for my seat and helps my leg position immensely.

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The “A” Team #2

We have two “A” Teams.

Alex Kemper and Tucks St. Aly and Amanda Caldwell and Allegiant. This halter belongs to the second “A” Team.

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6 Months Mine

September 4th marked the exactly 6 months my Aly has been here in the Wild West Texas. He is an official Texas horse now; he survived his first Texas summer with flying colors, silky coat and good weight! When I have had a longgg day at work and school, I can go down to his…

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