Admiration Not Lost on His Mom During Hiatus

Admiration aka Huey a former Prospect Horse FOR SALE

Admiration aka Huey a former Prospect Horse FOR SALE

Just wanted to send you a little update on Admiration aka “Huey”. It’s been about a year since I got him, and I have to say that we’re not where I would have liked us to be. That’s certainly not his fault, and I’m not sure that it’s really mine either… just circumstances. This summer I was kicked in the knee by a camp horse and have not been able to ride for nearly six months. I have just started to work with “Huey” again.


He continues to gain weight; his hips and shoulder are about where I’d like them (now we just need to add muscle!), but he continues to be ribby. I’m adding a bit of high-fat feed to his diet to see if that will help pad him out a little bit more. We had about 20 minutes of solid work in our ride, just trotting and working on balance, straightness, and getting tuned back into each other. His attention span was pretty much over after that, so I called it a day. He was a really good boy for those 20 minutes though – it’s amazing the difference in him when he decides it’s time to work. He enjoys it, I believe.
I’m hoping to move him somewhere closer this spring (it takes me 45 minutes one-way to get to him now) so that we can really get into a routine and start making up for lost time. I think he needs to see the chiropractor again as well – we had him all straight but during my ride he just felt like he was moving a little side-to-side at the trot instead of straight forward. His 9th birthday is coming up this month.

I was in your neck of the woods back in March to take the American Riding Instructors Association certification test. I just found out today that I passed, and I’m now certified in huntseat and stable management. So hopefully I can start earning a larger part of my upkeep at the barn – and spending more time with my boy in the process!

Admiration aka “Huey” was a Prospect Horse FOR SALE and mom, Whitney have been together for over a year. To read their past success stories, please click here.