Admiring Glances for Kwinn’s Kind Eye (and Natural Talent)

Dr. Kenny Winn is putting the weight back on after being treated for ulcers.

Dr. Kenny Winn is putting the weight back on after being treated for ulcers.

“Kwinn” (Dr. Canhewin) is doing so well. He looks wonderful; putting weight on and and his coat looks healthier too. The Famotidine and now the probiotic with antacid seem to be working well for him.

I don’t get enough time to ride right now, so he really needs to build back up. He gets tired easily. The weather doesn’t always cooperate with us either, so it’s not just my lack of time right now.

Today I did get up to ride and I’m pleased to say that while he acted a bit silly at first (hopping around and trying to spook at things) he did what I wanted him to do. We are able to canter and get the correct leads. Right lead can still be tricky but you can get him to do flying lead changes. He will pull down on the bit looking for you to engage and you really need to work to get his head up a bit.

Everyone who has seen him work has been amazed at his natural dressage ability. One gal said she works hard to get her horse to do what “Kwinn” just does so naturally. And once again, I have a few people very anxious to ride “Kwinn”. There are a couple of skilled dressage riders who have expressed interest in riding him, so I am going to let them help me get him in shape as well as teach us both a few things. If he shows a real aptitude for dressage, I may consider allowing someone to show him. Of course we need to work on trailering 101 in a big way for that to happen.

The best compliment of all is that they love his disposition, can’t believe he’s an OTTB and they always, comment on his ‘kind eye’. Everyone tells me I’m so lucky. I of course tell them, it wasn’t luck at all. It was being smart enough to work with a team committed to finding sane horses and then working to make the perfect match.

Oh, and I was so excited to see you placed a horse here in the Raleigh area! YEAH! Another OTTB has a new mom.