Carrots Please for the Mighty Kwinn


Dear Elizabeth, Hope this finds you well. We are all fine here, just very busy as usual, what with the boys’ activities, work, etc. Back in April, I broke a bone in my right foot. Wish I could say it was from something like kickboxing, but I literally twisted my foot falling off my shoes.…

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Four Year Update on Dr. Kenny Winn


Hi Elizabeth, Belated New Year’s wishes!! All is well here. We are all happy, healthy and doing well. Life was certainly interesting last year. Everything has settled down. Our move to the new house went well.There are still a few things that need to be finished, but we love the house and our new life.…

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The Dr. Checks In – Dr. Kenny Winn That Is

Kwinn (Dr. Kenny Winn)has done so well at his new barn. The change to a smaller, quieter barn has done wonders for him. Funny thing is Kwinn will adjust to just about any horse. If they like to play, he’s right there for the fun. If they want to just kick back and relax, he’ll do the same thing. I also think that as more time goes by with him being off the track, we are seeing different aspects of his personality come out. He’s still quite sweet, but he can be a character at times. He’s learned to pull his extra blanket off the rack and toss it across the barn floor.

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Young Rachel Alexander Fans

Dr. Kenny Winn has been doing so well! His training is coming along beautifully. The girl that rides him for me twice a week is going to use him in one of her dressage lessons so the trainer can get good look at him. He’s starting to get fit and muscle up with his work routine.

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