The Dr. Checks In – Dr. Kenny Winn That Is

Hi Elizabeth,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!! We’ve been quite busy here that the past few months just flew by. Now, hard to believe that another year is here already.


Dr. Kenny Winn aka "Kwinn" has three years of Success Stories. There are also some stories from his family on our Mission statement page.

Kwinn (Dr. Kenny Winn)has done so well at his new barn. The change to a smaller, quieter barn has done wonders for him. Unfortunately we haven’t had a lot of time to really work because it seemed that we were inundated with rain this fall. Not complaining since I don’t want drought conditions, but sheesh….we needed a snorkel and fins just to get to the arena. I’m proud of my boy though as he’s conquered his fear of cows (though he still watches them like a hawk when they are on the moooove) and has managed to adjust to different pasture mates as we try to find the perfect turnout buddies at the barn. Funny thing is Kwinn will adjust to just about any horse. If they like to play, he’s right there for the fun. If they want to just kick back and relax, he’ll do the same thing. I also think that as more time goes by with him being off the track, we are seeing different aspects of his personality come out. He’s still quite sweet, but he can be a character at times. He’s learned to pull his extra blanket off the rack and toss it across the barn floor.

Over the break between Christmas and New Years, Kwinn somehow managed to cut himself just below his right ear requiring a fair number of stitches. No one can figure out how he did it. No nails on the fence line, tree – nothing that he could have cut himself on. We’ll start back to work once I can put the bridle on without irritating the stitches. They are due to come out soon. Hopefully the cold snap will end too!

Glad to see some new OTTBs with new homes on your site! Hope 2010 is a good year for everyone.

Be back soon with some new pics of my fuzzy bear!

All best,

Elizabeth’s Notes: Dr. Kenny Winn was a Prospect Horse For Sale in the fall of 2006 when he was listed on our Prospect Horses page under the name of Dr. Canhewin. He was purchased in March of 2007 by Veronica Berman. Read more of Dr. Kenny Winn’s Success Stories on this site and read his first Success Stories on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web. Read some more heart warming stories about Dr. Kenny Winn’s family on our Mission page.