Four Year Update on Dr. Kenny Winn

dr-kenny-win-20110110Hi Elizabeth,

Belated New Year’s wishes!! All is well here. We are all happy, healthy and doing well. Life was certainly interesting last year. Everything has settled down. Our move to the new house went well.There are still a few things that need to be finished, but we love the house and our new life.

And, now for the update. Can you believe that I’ve had Kwinn almost 4 years now? Having him has been one of the greatest joys of my life! He has been enjoying life (perhaps not the snow though) off the track. Funny, I often wonder whether he even has any recollection of life prior to retirement. He’s now been moved to a different field and no longer has a buddy in with him. Kwinn is far too rough in his play and both he and his buddy end up getting all sorts of cuts and scrapes. Plus, he was pulling shoes off as a result of their crazy antics. It was always fun to watch, but clearly gave the barn manager fits of worry.

He at least is in the field next to his buddy and doesn’t in the least seem too concerned that they are separated. They say hello to each other and then go off to graze or eat their hay. As soon as I show up, he walks up to the gate nickering softly while checking my pockets for carrots. He’s sweet natured, good with kids and though he hasn’t been worked in awhile, he is in good shape given he runs around in his field. Oh, and he is such a nosey horse. He wants to know everything that goes on around him. He will watch the neighbors over the fence, watch the activity around the barn and stick his nose out his window to watch the traffic go by. I’m attaching a pic of the big guy watching the snow fall. Clearly he is wondering why it is snowing in NC!

I am hoping to get back on track with our riding and training sessions. Now if we could just keep the nice weather around long enough for us to get in the ring. I promise to send an update after I get to ride again.

All best,