Dr. Kenny Winn – Just What the Doctor Ordered

I wish I had my camera with me yesterday at the barn (really should just keep it with me). You know how Adam (my husband) is always saying he just writes the monthly checks. Well, yesterday he came to see Kwinn at his new barn. He was impressed with how calm and happy Kwinn is there. But, the funniest thing happened. I had the stall guard up while I was putting my tack away and Kwinn was hanging out watching me and nickering for a carrot. Adam walked up to him to say hi and rub his face. As Adam stood there rubbing Kwinn’s face, Kwinn let out one of those contented snorts all over Adam, then just rested his head across his shoulder! I laughed so hard at the sight of my non-horsey husband bonding with our big guy!! The pic would have been priceless! I really must keep it with me at all times.