Young Rachel Alexander Fans

Dr. Kenny win is an off-the-track Thoroughbred

Ex-race horse, Dr. Kenny Winn is now loved by Noah and Josh and their mom Ronni Berman.

Hi Elizabeth,

Hope you have been well. We’ve been following the new and improved NEWZ section and love it! Noah and Josh have seen the Kentucky Derby and Preakness. They asked and I gave in. The boys became huge fans of Rachel Alexandra and thought we should buy her after she’s finished racing. Oh sure, if we win the lottery maybe! Noah is quick to mention that his favorite horse is still Kwinn (Dr. Kenny Winn) though.

Kwinn has been doing so well! His training is coming along beautifully. The girl that rides him for me twice a week is going to use him in one of her dressage lessons so the trainer can get good look at him. He’s starting to get fit and muscle up with his work routine.
Take care!
– Ronni
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