Aly’s Alpha Boy’s Report Card From College

Aly's Alpha Boy was SOLD! to Laura Thompson.

Aly's Alpha Boy and Laura attend college together.


Hey just want to let you know how things are going. Aly’s Alpha Boy is getting much darker and fuzzier with the weather change. He looks so cute!! We had a jumping lesson last week. He did a line with 3 jumps 2-3 strides between each. He really enjoyed himself. Ginger decides we will do a jumping lesson every fourth dressage lesson. So I’ll be able to work on more. I am also planning on taking a stadium lesson with Holly Hepp this month in a couple of weeks. Aly is also improving in dressage. I have noticed that he can get worried with new things so we’re working on presenting him with new techniques in basic ways. He is such a willing horse…and it improving greatly. We’ll have our first show the end of the month. My plan is to do training 2 and 3. Also depending on how our jumping is going I might do a combined test and jump. I’ll keep you updated! Hope all is well with you and at the barn! Talk to you soon!
Elizabeth Note: Aly’s Alpha Boywas a former Bits & Bytes Farm horse who was sold to Laura Thompson in April 2010.  He has gone to college with his mom. We are very proud of this pair and look forward to Christmas vacation when they come back to Bits & Bytes Farm and show us what they have learned.