Third Time’s A. Charm

Absolute Charm - OTTB

We have had a lot of people wondering just who got our special girl – Absolute Charm.

Let me give a little background to her story first.

Absolute Charm’s new family has had a rough few years. The mother was diagnosed with a terminal neurological disease with no cure. Her husband is a critical care nurse and he searched for every possible solution or possible cause for her condition. The mother grew weaker and weaker until she needed two canes just to walk and she spent most of her time in bed.

In trying to relieve some of the family’s stress, the then 13 year old son took up riding dressage at a local stable. . .

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Mimi’s Ava Has a Busy First Week Off-the-Track

Mimi’s Ava ran her last race on May 17, 2012. She traveled to Bits & Bytes Farm on May 22. Her new owner Phil Yarbrough rode her for the first time on May 24th.The next day, on the second ride, Phil put his Western saddle on his ex-race horse and took her for a trail ride with another OTTB!

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Flash From the Past

Great Game at her breeders farm in July 2011

You know…I was looking back thru some old correspondence of ours back before even Muchu was a done deal and I ran across a couple of little blurbs I just had to share……boy did it turn out to be prophetic…..

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Mimi’s Ava Joins AVA Productions, Inc.


Phil did not know Mimi’s Ava’s full name when he began the buying process. It soon became clear that Mimi was meant to be his horse when her full name turned out to be the name of Phil’s audio visual company – AVA Productions, Inc. Coincidence or divine intervention?

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