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Avrispecial looks forward to a good meal after a fun ride with mom, Amy

Avrispecial looks forward to a good meal after a fun ride with mom, Amy

I love to watch your website. You guys have so many great looking horses on there I am always interested in watching them fly off the site. I just wanted to fill you in on Avri, He is doing great!

I am riding him about four days a week now. I am working him long and low and doing lots of circles, figure eights and walk/trot transitions. He is really stretching down into my hand I ride him on the buckle a lot. I need to get some extra long reins for him, when he stretches down into my hand I hardly have enough rein for him to stretch properly. He has really started to fill out and put on some muscle. He is starting to carry himself quite well, we went through several weeks where he was trying to balance on my hands so we went back to doing mostly hill work at the walk and trot and when we came back to the arena he was doing much better. (I try to do one day a week of hill work with him now.)

A couple weeks ago he was a little back sore, so we took several days off and I did lots of stretching and messaged his back and hind end until he was feeling better.

He is such a great horse, I never have lunged him before I ride and he has never tried to buck or has ever been spooky with me at all. I went out of town with my husband for five days and when I came home I expected it not to go as smoothly has it had been, but he was perfect! My husband has even been riding him with me on trail rides! My husband has only been on a horse a handful of times but they are great together.

Avri is the barn favorite, everyone loves him. When they check on the horses and water in the pasture they always tell me about how Avri will follow them everywhere. He is great to catch in the pasture I rarely ever have to go get him. He will come running when I whistle for him.
He has a mild case of seedy toe in his left front hoof. The farrier said not to worry about it. He did not think it was worth drilling it out.

From day one Avri has eaten anything I put in front of him! He loves to eat!
He has no problem with mud or water. With all the rain we have had lately there have been some big puddles in the arena and he would walk and trot right through them like they had always been there.
I am so thrilled with him. He is such a joy to work with.