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Avrispecial – Enjoys Life!

I love to watch your website. You guys have so many great looking horses on there I am always interested in watching them fly off the site. I just wanted to fill you in on Avri, He is doing great! I am riding him about four days a week now. I am working him long…

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Everyday Offers a New Lesson for Avrispecial

                            Avri is putting weight on and looking good. He is doing well under saddle. We are still trail riding in the pasture and learning new things every day. He accepts my leg very well.

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Avrispecial Appreciates Adjustment

                    The chiropractor came over on Saturday evening. Avri’s pelvis needed to be adjusted. He also did some adjustments in his neck. Avri was falling asleep on him when he adjusted his neck! He did not even mind having his pelvis adjusted, he never even tried…

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Avrispecial – Tight Turns are Tough

Avrispecial is doing very well. I worked him in the round pen on Friday. He was full of energy! He willingly went both directions, the only bad thing he did was kick out at me when he was asked to stay on the rail. I did not make to big of a deal about it…

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