Dixon’s Chief and Avrispecial Check In


Amy Place purchased Dixon's Chief and Avrispecial in the summer of 2008.

Hi Elizabeth,

Dixon’s Chief has really come into his own this spring! This guy has soo much spunk now. He had trouble on and off all last summer with his stomach troubles. He also have to have quite a bit of chiropractic work done on him by Doctor Cleveland. He could not be ridden for a month because of pain in his neck, rib cage and pelvis. I felt so bad for him last summer he was sore, did not eat very well, and got picked on by the other horses. I have to put him in a pasture just with Avrispecial it was so bad. Avrispecial was his protector, he tried to keep the other horses away from Chief. It was pretty cute. I have never had two horses that got along so well and that just love to play together. I started riding him more in the fall. He was super easy. We just walk and trotted. He did not trust my hand at all at first but has got a lot better.

I gave him the winter off because I felt like he needed some time before I worked him to much. He was having some trouble peeing this winter so I had my vet come check him out. He checked for bladder stones, infection and blockage any where and found nothing. He recommended that I take him off alfalfa for the winter and see if it made a difference. He thought all the calcium was making his urine thicker since he was not drinking as much water in the winter and might be what was causing the problem. I took him off of it and it cleared up.

He has really perked up a lot and got a lot more personality this spring. I plan too start riding him again very soon! He is extremely athletic! I am hoping he will be my Dressage/Event horse. I see so much potential in the sweet guy!

The photos I attached are from the fall I will get some new pictures to you soon.

Take care,
Amy Place


Avrispecial was purchased by Amy Place from the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site in June 2008.

Dixons Chief

Dixons Chief was purchased by Amy Place from the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site in July 2008.