Balancing the Body – Vicky, Vicky, Vicky Attends Clinic

We had our dressage clinic with Stephany Fish in April. Deb and Mags both enjoyed great clinic lessons with Stephany. I rode Alchemy and enjoyed watching Deb and Mags learning to work on balancing Vicky. They both did terrific jobs and we all commiserated about our sore parts. Stephany never fails to work our cores, thighs and other parts that were lying dormant!

Vicky was wonderful and enjoyed an othobionomy treatment the Thursday before.

I have Vicky, Alchemy, Stately, and Rialto all enjoy monthly orthobionomy treatments that help to rebalance their autonomic nervous systems and balance their tissues to realign their bodies. I have been going for treatments myself for my damaged arm. The bodywork has made notable differences in all of us.

We are allowing a friend of ours to hold a clinic with Gerard. Deb and Mags will be riding Vicky in the clinic. We always enjoy riding with him when he comes to the US. Gerard had great things to say about Vicky several years ago when I rode her in one of his clinics. I am sitting this clinic out to be a spectator.

Here are some photos from the clinic with Stephany and I will send more after Gerard’s clinic.