Barnwoodbo Begins New Training Regime

Barnwoodbo has his first lesson with trainer Cathy Wieschoff

Barnwoodbo has his first lesson with trainer Cathy Wieschoff

It is hard to believe it is the middle of October already and we have had Bo for five weeks. We have been busy. My friend Staci had the last of the fall shows and her older event horse came up lame. Old age gets us all eventually. I guess the timing is perfect since that is who Bo is due to replace.

Staci rides with Cathy Wieschhoff at Carriage Station Farms and Bo went to lessons for the first time two weeks ago. She usually rides on Wednesday’s when it is nice and quiet but because Cathy has been out competing, we fit a lesson in on a Saturday. We arrived well in advance so he could get adjusted to the new environment and we were glad we did. The farm was extremely busy. There were horses and riders everywhere. Our first thought was that with all the activity it was going to be a long day with Bo but he did very well. Since we have never trained a racehorse for a new job, everything is an experience for humans and horse.

Cathy spent the time getting to know Bo. It is always a magical moment for me when people like you and Cathy, who have trained horses forever, spend time putting a horse and rider through a series of exercises and then tell us everything we have spent weeks figuring out. The result was no surprise, he needs to figure out how to use his hind end underneath to stay balanced. It gave us great pleasure at the end when Cathy announced she liked him.

He went back this past Wednesday for another lesson because he had figured out the exercises Staci had been assigned to work on and was back in her hands not using his backend. Once again, they had a great lesson. Cathy worked him on the ground in a round pen for a lot of the lesson and then put Staci through the new exercises for him. I think the combination will be just right for Bo.

In warm up, one of Cathy’s barn managers, who had been with the horses out of town, saw Bo. After asking where Staci’s appaloosa was, she inquired how we came about Bo and offered to buy him. She and one of the other manager’s had just sold a project horse and were looking for a new one. This re-enforced our decision to purchase Bo and our faith in you and your network. I have given your name to them and hopefully they will look you up. I am hoping this opens another avenue for you in placing horses.

Of course, I am making this all sound wonderful but at the bottom of this he is still a horse. He shows his discontent in ways that are his alone and we have been steadily adjusting. It was ironic that his previous owner called to check on him on the day he started trying to bite us when being girthed or when she flexed him from the saddle (her foot is at the perfect height). He had a nice talk with Staci and she was so pleased afterwards because of how much he cares about Bo.