Great Game

Hey now!!! I read the update on Shu in the website—-and it was wonderful………except……Dad Chuck gets the best of all worlds… lol—by playing BOTH the parent and trainer card, he gets to keep on riding Shu as well as Game….lol….let’s not be giving Patrick any ideas he hasn’t already come up with…..(and he has already btw…lol) Dad is almost as big a fan of Shu as Patrick….and—the same is true of Patrick and Game….. We are actually doing something between us I have never been able to do with anyone else including Carrie—-he and I are actually sharing both horses—I am primary on Game and he is on Shu—but we both speak and handle as one for the girls…..and you know—they actually are working well with it…they recognize who is primary and who they attach to the most—but they both handle for the other one of us completely interchangably…..I would have never believed it….but is actually just another perk of having the second horse and working with Patrick–he and I are hitting a super comfortable working partnership we both just soak up. Just had to tweak you…lol. The write up was wonderful…Thanx—-and congrats on placing Heart….later—Chuck