Building a Bond with an OTTB

Molly and Antioch after just four months have built a bond and trust between them that could never be matched if she had purchased a ‘made’ horse. Starting a young horse or an off-the-track Thoroughbred takes time and dedication. Most teenage girls just want to be showing and winning ribbons not spending time training a horse. Molly is different, she is enjoying the training process and is taking the time to do all the little steps that will allow her to bond with Anitoch and they will become partners. Watch this video of Molly and Antioch and see how doing ground work and spending time has paid off with a special bond. Great work Molly.

Molly purchased Antioch after her friend Laura purchased Gold’s Anatomy. Read Gold Anatomy’s Success Stories too.

Amanda and Allegiant are another young team. Both Amanda and Laura are using YouTube to document the training of their Thoroughbreds. This is a wonderful way for us to see first hand the bond that is being created during the training. It also shows how to have fun while teaching these horses important basics like despooking them and teaching them not to panic if a rope is wrapped around a leg. It does not take a fancy arena or an expensive trainer but it does take love and dedication which these girls demonstrate so well in their videos.

Amanda and Allegiant videos:

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