Buying an OTTB Can Raise Eyebrows

OTTB - Allegiant is so quiet she can be handled by non riders.

Allegiant is so quiet she can be handled by non riders (like mom and dad).


You’re welcome! I am just taking the comments all in stride. I figured I would run any by you (like the being in heat one ) before I let someone else tell me what I should do when it is my horse. I really REALLY like her (Allegiant), and can definitely see her potential. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. There is no way I would sell her just because of the comments people are telling me.  She hasn’t done ONE bad thing. Mom and Dad can hold her, and they aren’t even horse people. And, I love how she talks to me when she sees me! I know we will go far!

Thanks for all your help!
Amanda and Alle!!

P.S. I am working on the tips you gave me when I was riding (don’t point my feet out, hold my hands straight not horizontal, bend my elbows, and move with her. She really listens and is FANTASTIC to ride!!

Amanda experienced what a lot of buyers of off-the-track Thoroughbreds experience – negative comments from people who know nothing about OTTBs. She was told inaccurate and totally ridiculous stories about what to expect from an off-the-track Thoroughbred. Fortunately she called us for advice.

Bits & Bytes Farm is dedicated to making your experience a positive one. We want your Success Stories. We are here to answer your questions and to clear up the myths about OTTBs. Spend some time reading the stories on this Web site and you will see a common theme: These horses are wonderful, kind and gentle. They love their owners and follow them around and nicker to them. The stories from the owners of these ex-races tell the real story. If the match is not working out, we will help the horse find a better suited match.