Chipawild Does Well in “Traffic”


Chipawild has gone to college with her new mom. They are both learning new life/career skills.

I sent you some photos from the Walmart website that Courtney’s trainer took of her two first rides on Chipawild. She is doing great! Walk, trot and canter on the lunge and walking and trotting under saddle. She is getting used to having “traffic” in the ring with her. Courtney gave her a bath the other day and she was well behaved which is good because like most grey horses she loves to sleep using her manure as a pillow!

I hope all is well with you,
Sara O’Connell

Forgot to mention – Courtney has to PUSH! I just talked to her trainer and Courtney has cantered her and she has to push the whole time to keep her going. I guess you never can tell…
Sara O’Connell