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Cantering with Confidence

Atlantic Ridge and new mom Salisa

I am cantering again! I have really created a bond with Ridge, and together we are really doing well! He has been a very good boy. I have my confidence back, and am feeling comfortable enough to canter again.

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Antioch and Molly Canter for the First Time!

Molly cantered Antioch for the first time tonight and he was fabulous! He learns everything so fast. He now longes with voice commands and goes at the walk and trot over poles and now she can work on his canter leads! We just love him. I hope all is well at Bits & Bytes Farm.

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Cortableau – One Month Update

Cortableau handled being in an unfamiliar place at the hunter pace – new horses and different terrain with no problem. We actually had our first canter ever a few minutes into the ride, and we did a couple of canters up hills. So I got braver and, when we got to the really big field, we cantered again.

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Rap It Up – Cuts Up at His New Home

I haven’t gotten on Rap It Up yet. By the time I got home Sunday evening, it was too dark to let him get much exercise, so it was yesterday afternoon before I could let him out for a good romp! And boy did he romp! We just missed snapping a pic of him when all fours were LITERALLY 3 feet off the ground!

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