Atlantic Ridge and new mom SalisaHi Elizabeth,

Just wanted to give you an update. I am cantering again! I have really created a bond with Ridge, and together we are really doing well! He has been a very good boy. I have my confidence back, and am feeling comfortable enough to canter again. He still has trouble picking up the right lead, but we are working on it! He had another chiropractic adjustment today, and is steadily improving. Still has some uneveness (left side), but I am trying to get in a few trail rides a week to build muscle on his left rear side.

Just wanted to give you the good news. I am really loving this guy 😮



Elizabeth’s Note: Salisa had a rough start with a trainer that did not understand Thoroughbreds. The trainer had plans for Atlantic Ridge and Salisa that did not match Salisa’s goals. Being pushed beyond your comfort level can set you and your horse back. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and tell the trainer to slow down!
“You can never go too slow with training – but you can go too fast and scare the horse and yourself.” – Elizabeth Wood, Bits & Bytes Farm

Slow down and enjoy the ride. – Elizabeth