Rap It Up – Cuts Up at His New Home

I haven’t gotten on Rap It Up yet. By the time I got home Sunday evening, it was too dark to let him get much exercise, so it was yesterday afternoon before I could let him out for a good romp! And boy did he romp! We just missed snapping a pic of him when all fours were LITERALLY 3 feet off the ground! I will be on him in the next day or two, I want to make sure he is good and settled in and has had plenty of time to relax. I did tack him up and work him in the round pen a little yesterday after he had time to play for a while. That went well, so I plan to do that again today and probably get on him this afternoon depending on how he does.

I’m glad to hear you found a good home for Banker. He looks like an awfully nice horse!

I’ve attached a few pics from his first time in the paddock on Monday. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was much more relaxed afterwards.

I’ll keep you posted on his progress.