“Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Carrot”. Communication – Learning to Understand Your Horse


The "A-Team" (Alex and Aly) learn to speak the same language on ride two! Click on this image to see more photos in Tucks St. Aly's photo gallery

Ok…today was totally a different story with Tucks St. Aly. Yesterday and the day before were heavenly, they were truly great experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. HOWEVER, I think I said yesterday that feeling through that bit, I could feel that Aly and I were talking to each other, and indeed we were, we both knew that each other were there, we both were having feelings, I was all excited and atwitter about being on my own horse for the first time, who wouldn’t be! And he was all busy keeping the girl that gives him peppermints and has been sweet to him so far safe.

Today though, not only did we talk, we did something a lot better, we understood each other. Think about it, two people that speak a different language, may be thinking a jillion things about each other, and they may talk to each other, and possibly get the gist of how the other person is acting, but they really have no clue what kind of person the other is. Well Aly and I still have to learn for years about each other but, we understood each other enough to know what ‘country’ we are each from, to know what our attitudes are, we understood each other enough to work together, and this, for me, was a really wonderful thing to accomplish.

I know I took a long time to explain the difference between how it feels to actually be working and communicating with your horse, and the difference of just lazing around with him and you both throwing out attitudes and actions that the other might not understand or, on the horses part, might not be benefiting from; but I felt so strongly what I said today, that I wanted to get it down while I still had it fresh in my mind. I think after today my boy and I deserve a little bit more to really be called the “A-Team” . . . hopefully every time we ride, and interact in fact, we’ll become more of a team, and Aly will be like you said Elizabeth, just a part of me, just an extension of my legs.

Thanks for all the advice and help!

Alex & Aly

**Note to self- it’d be a good idea to read up on and understand keeping the outside rein and leg all one block, one steady wall.