Diplomatic Conversions

gold-commander-one_20110731_007Hi Michelle and Elizabeth,

I hope this note finds you both well, along with your respective families.

Memphis got a respite from ridiculous temperatures and humidity, to Goldie’s and my benefit. His skin and coat look good…the bumps are gone. He is sweating more naturally now. I think you can tell from this photo that his weight is on the money. Overall, the boy is feeling good, I think.

Saturday G and I worked on ground manners and free lunging. Then, at the end I walked with him at my shoulder, no lead rope. When I stopped, he stopped. When I jogged, he trotted. Such a good, good boy.

Yesterday I rode. While I am in search of a good used forward seat english saddle, in the meantime a friend sent me a beautiful older Kent Dressage saddle which fits Goldie’s withers, and my seat perfectly. So, outfitted for ground work, we did halt-walk-trot transitions, serpentines, circles. Goldie is a very good listener. Labor Day weekend we will incorporate canter into the transitions. I could tell he was just waiting for the canter aid yesterday. (And really, it was my fault. I was wearing my new Dehner boots for the first time and I am not comforable in them yet. When I ride next weekend it will be in my half chaps so I can feel his side better.)

He also served as a mannerly and affectionate OTTB diplomat to a family considering putting their girls in lessons. They were amazed this boy was a racer. I’m doing my best to discretely convert all who can hear my voice and interact with Goldie that OTTBs are excellent options to a higher priced warmblood or QH.

A great weekend w/ G!

(And again, sorry for the rotten photo. Some day we’ll capture some good ones. I can’t say why the photogs in my group can’t manage it.)

BTW, my new fantasy includes a big mare for my husband and a smaller gelding for my daughter…maybe in a few years. So Michelle and Elizabeth, I’ll need y’all then.

As always, my heartfelt thanks,

— Jennifer