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Gold Commander One

Goldie’s Big Adventure…

Gold Commander One - February 19, 2012

We traveled down the road a short way to Spring Mill Farm this weekend for a dressage clinic. . . . Goldie worked very hard to respond to my seat giving the cues, rather than my hands, and got quite adept at “reading” my (mental) whoa transition.

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Gold Commander One Loves to Play

. . .a little more than six months later, I’m as happy as ever with him. He’s a very thoughtful, playful, curious and intelligent horse, representing Thoroughbreds very well. He likes to lip ponytails of the girls at the barn; he snatches lead ropes and halters off hooks and tosses them in the air, and; he also likes to drink water out of water bottles – a real ham.

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Gold Charm

Gold Commander One is the barn charmer. Everyone, despite themselves, loves this big guy. Frankly, he puts the warmbloods to shame with his good mind and pleasant manners. He enjoys his work, the attention, and being out in the ring with other horses. He also likes to watch other lessons, just like Becky said he watched other horses at the track exercise in the morning.

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Diplomatic Conversions

Hi Michelle and Elizabeth, I hope this note finds you both well, along with your respective families. Memphis got a respite from ridiculous temperatures and humidity, to Goldie’s and my benefit. His skin and coat look good…the bumps are gone. He is sweating more naturally now. I think you can tell from this photo that…

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