Gold Charm

Hello Michelle and Elizabeth!
Goldie (Gold Commander One) is the barn charmer. Everyone, despite themselves, loves this big guy. Frankly, he puts the warmbloods to shame with  his good mind and pleasant manners.

Gold Commander One - September 3, 2011I rode him in the outdoor arena this past Saturday and Sunday…all ground work. Walk-trot-canter transitions, walk-trot over poles, bend and circles, and half-halts and balancing. He’s a little less flexible on his left lead, but we will work on that.
Gold Commander One - September 3, 2011

He enjoys his work, the attention, and being out in the ring with other horses. He also likes to watch other lessons, just like Becky said he watched other horses at the track exercise in the morning. He cracks me up.

Can’t wait to get out to the barn this weekend…we are finally out of the 90’s and into the 80’s
As always, can’t thank you all enough!
— Jennifer