Gold Commander One Loves to Play

Gold Commander One - February 2012

Hi Michelle and Elizabeth,

I hope this note finds you both well in all your endeavors. A brief note to update you on Goldie. He is coming along very nicely. We are building muscle along his top line. He is stretching more in his walk and trot, and driving more with his back end. He halts and is very very compliant with his downward transitions. Of course, he still loves to “Go” and his canter is just lovely. We’re starting to use leg yields to move him on and off the rail.

I am planning on traveling to a sister barn close by called Spring Mill Farms in two weeks to go to a dressage clinic. I used to ride with the trainer, Nick Handy. I am a little giddy to show off Goldie, as I am so very proud of him.

He is getting more forage to try and put just a smidge more weight on him without the heat of grain. His feet look great, his coat is shiny (and shaggy), and we’re braiding his mane to train it to the right side. He is remarkably tolerant of that exercise.

So, a little more than six months later, I’m as happy as ever with him. He’s a very thoughtful, playful, curious and intelligent horse, representing Thoroughbreds very well. He likes to lip ponytails of the girls at the barn; he snatches lead ropes and halters off hooks and tosses them in the air, and; he also likes to drink water out of water bottles – a real ham.

I love the big lug.

As always, thank you.