Goldie’s Big Adventure…

Gold Commander One - February 19, 2012We traveled down the road a short way to Spring Mill Farm this weekend for a dressage clinic. As we might have expected, Gold Commander One took it all in stride (no pun), and was mainly curious about everything. We had a nice session with the clinician,

Nick Handy (of Clifton Farms and the MidSouth Dressage Riding Academy). G worked very hard to respond to my seat giving the cues, rather than my hands, and got quite adept at “reading” my (mental) whoa transition. He did a lot of trotting today, worked very hard and ended the session a steamy sweaty boy. After cooling down, we then took a “walk-about” on the Farm to see what we could see. Here is G looking handsome, as always. Continuing to have a wonderful time together.