I’m a bit upset about the fact that “Kwinn” has a mild fungal infection affecting all four frogs. This was apparently picked up during his regular foot trim on Monday. Of course, I had been out of town on business and not around when the foot trim was done. Instructions were left for me at the barn on various methods to treat it; daily with a half and half mixture of Neosporin and athlete’s foot cream. Tonight after work I went up to clean his feet and do the first treatment. “Kwinn” wasn’t terribly thrilled, as I’d interrupted his dinner!

He was very patient though. I called the barn earlier in the day to let them know about it and of course asked if they would treat him on the days that I couldn’t get there. Obviously my inability to get there daily is one reason he’s being moved. We’ll get this treated and cured, but is there anything I can use to prevent it from recurring?

On a good note though, “Kwinn” behaved so well on Sunday for me. I went up and gave him a nice grooming and did some lunge work in full tack. At the barn in PA, he was used to lunging in the indoor ring. The round pen was usually reserved for a horse that couldn’t be turned out in the larger paddocks or fields. So, “Kwinn” was used to having a lot of room when he lunged. The footing in the indoor ring here is VERY hard and he doesn’t seem to like it much. While there is a round pen, he tends to cut the corners too much in there and then seems to favor directions. So, I got brave and lunged him the ‘open’ ring! “Kwinn” behaved beautifully. Now, he didn’t always pay attention and paid for that a few times when I changed commands on him to get his attention back on me. But I was so proud of both of us. Him for doing everything I asked in BOTH directions and me for believing in myself!

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