Dr. Sidney Settles In at Home

Dr. Sidney in the pastureHi Elizabeth,
Sidney has officially made it through his first day, I attached a few pics of him in the pasture. He is a bit of a worrier, I can tell that he feels safer in his stall at the moment, he did finally settle in the pasture but stood at the very far end, looking off into the distance, I went down to talk to him and offer water a few times and he was fine about me approaching. He does not have much of an appetite, he is eating his hay and drinking in his stall OK but doesn’t really like the beet pulp and grain mixture, he will eat a small meal but it takes him several hours to finish it. Dr. Sidney in the pasture
I am giving him tough love and encouragement at the same time, I know that this is a huge change for him and expect it to take a bit of time for him to remember how to just be a horse. I am very impressed with his conformation and movement but do plan to take it slow and get him to trust me before asking too much of him. I will keep you posted and will call with any questions.
Thank you!
Elizabeth’s Note: It is not uncommon for a newly off-the-track Thoroughbred to go off their feed. Lot’s of hay and water will keep them nourished until they decide to start eating. Turn out is best but be careful not to let them have too much grass right away. You do not want to have them colic or founder from the rich spring grass.