Two More Shoes

Dr. Sidney

I just wanted to send another update on Dr. Sidney. He has back shoes on now and is figuring out bending and leg yielding without a problem. I still love his natural balance at the canter and with his hind shoes he has really started to step out and push from behind at the trot and is even starting to figure out that stretching at the feels good.

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Dr. Sidney Settles In at Home

Dr. Sidney in the pasture

Sidney has officially made it through his first day, I attached a few pics of him in the pasture. He is a bit of a worrier, I can tell that he feels safer in his stall at the moment, he did finally settle in the pasture but stood at the very far end, looking off into the distance, I went down to talk to him and offer water a few times and he was fine about me approaching. . .

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The Dr. Is In!

Dr. Sidney has arrived safe and sound and is gorgeous!! So much nicer in person then in the pictures, that neck is to die for!

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