Eleanor’s Groom Well Balanced & Athletic

Hi Elizabeth – Yes, I just had to say “thanks” to Becky for helping me get the Eleanor’s Groom (plus I’d been in the file for the brand inspector and ran across her #!!).  “Jack” is doing great…he is a teenager so I have to stay on top of things (no pun intended) but he is so sweet and usually a big growl is all it takes to get him back in line.  We are jumping regularly and have had quite a few cross-country schools…a small event later in the summer might be in the cards.  He’s very well balanced and athletic (probably more so than I!) and finds jumping fun and easy for the most part.  I will send you some pics soon…just gotta get a ground person to take them!  Thanks again for this lovely horse…he really garners the compliments on a regular basis!

Lydia Dequine