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Eleanor’s Groom

Race Track Training Pays Off at Combined Training Event

Hi Elizabeth – Sorry for the no photos…just got a new camera and hopefully some photos to come soon before my lovely horse gets hairy! We did do our first event 9/17-19…Windy Wyoming. We had a ball! Jack Eleanor’s Groom) was very well behaved for such a baby and he never even thought about refusing a fence. I was so proud of him as the distractions were many! Guess it was his racetrack upbringing. He’s beginning to look for the next fence in both the stadium and on cross country and I think he really enjoys his new career. I’m certainly loving him…he’s so sweet! Thank you, thank you. Photos to follow (I hope, I’m technologically challenged!).

Lydia Dequine

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Eleanor’s Groom Well Balanced & Athletic

Hi Elizabeth – Yes, I just had to say “thanks” to Becky for helping me get the Eleanor’s Groom (plus I’d been in the file for the brand inspector and ran across her #!!).  “Jack” is doing great…he is a teenager so I have to stay on top of things (no pun intended) but he…

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Snow Days Mean Slow Days for Eleanor’s Groom

The horse (Eleanor’s Groom) is doing great, gaining weight and figuring out his place in the herd. No new bites for a couple of weeks now! He’s happy. My husband (the equine vet, specializing in dental) did a number on him. He had some caps that needed to be pulled and one weird tooth that…

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Eleanor’s Groom Moves “Beyond the Track”

The Groom (Eleanor’s Groom) is today figuring out his first probable snowfall…three inches! Supposed to melt today and we’ll have another week of warm, sunny fall, I hope. I ponied him through the creek the other day, no problem, guess he’s learned from drinking out of the lake! He’s very smart and a quick study.…

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Runaway Groom – I think not.

I’m forwarding some pics my daughter took of me and my new groom. I’m having a wonderful time with him. We had our first canter today! He is very quiet (hasn’t done anything stupid at all!), smart and willing. In fact, I’m reading the book “Beyond the Track” and he doesn’t fit in at all!…

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