Runaway Groom – I think not.

I’m forwarding some pics my daughter took of me and my new groom.

Lydia Dequine and her "Groom" - OTTB Eleanor's Groom

I’m having a wonderful time with him. We had our first canter today! He is very quiet (hasn’t done anything stupid at all!), smart and willing. In fact, I’m reading the book “Beyond the Track” and he doesn’t fit in at all!

We are having a fabulous long fall and I’m so pleased to be able to spend lots of time with him. He’s even growing some hair in preparation for winter and gaining some weight. With front shoes he is much less tender and seems to be moving much better. He’s turned out 24/7 with nine other horses, has learned to drink out of the lake and seems to think he’s died and gone to heaven. The book talks about stress (and I’m sure some of these guys are) but my Groom is happy and mellow! Thank you. And I’ll stop raving now.

I look on the website frequently and love reading all the good info…thank you. And thank you for Eleanor’s Groom!

Lydia Dequine

Lydia Dequine and her "Groom" - OTTB Eleanor's Groom

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