Eleanor’s Groom Moves “Beyond the Track”

The Groom (Eleanor’s Groom) is today figuring out his first probable snowfall…three inches! Supposed to melt today and we’ll have another week of warm, sunny fall, I hope. I ponied him through the creek the other day, no problem, guess he’s learned from drinking out of the lake! He’s very smart and a quick study.

The book, “Beyond the Track”, is a good insight into the world of living at the track, the distractions, training, etc. I think it is more geared toward someone who has not started young horses before. Groom is my fourth OTTB (they’ve all been sane and quiet – I think you’re right, it depends on the trainers). I have not really treated Groom differently than the other young horses I’ve started (and there haven’t been all that many!). So I guess I’m saying if a person has some experience in young horses, you don’t need a book! But I had good help on my first OTTB and if you don’t know how they have been started for the track, the book is helpful. It was comforting to me, though, to know that I was already doing most of what was said in the book.