Ex-Racers are Ready to Answer the Call to the Post!

Heather's Best and Joe Bear loved playing the the pasture todgether.

Heather’s Best and Joe Bear loved playing the the pasture todgether.

It is a beautiful evening here and I am sitting outside watching the horses. It is so peaceful just watching them graze. Heather is wonderful. I just can’t tell you how much I love that horse. In fact I am actually in love with him! He is going so beautifully and his jumping is amazing. He is really talented and we have such a great bond and trust now.  I can hop on him bareback in the pasture and he will walk us to the gate!

I have a funny story for you. When the vet was here doing spring shots his phone rang. Well his ringtone was the bugle call to post from the track! Heather heard that and went nuts! He was like “holy s…! The race is starting without me!” The poor guy could not figure out how it was possible that he was missing the action. I could not believe he had such a reaction to that tune after all this time. He is a true competitor!

He looks better than ever and just seems really relaxed and happy. You won’t believe how great he is!

Love from Jennifer and Heather

Joe Bear and Heather's Best loved playing in the mud.

Joe Bear and Heather’s Best loved playing in the mud.

Heather’s former pasture mate, Joe Bear had a similiar reaction to the “Call to the Post” ringtone on my phone. Joe Bear was in the wash rack while Paula was hosing him off. I received a phone call from my Louisville track contact. Her ring tone is the “Call to the Post” bugle sound. Joe Bear’s eyes got wide. He looked out the barn door to see where it was coming from. His heart started beating so hard people sitting across the hallway could actually see it! These horses remember their time at the track. Becareful what you expose your horse to. Make sure they have positive experiences because these horses DO remember. – Elizabeth