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Tucks St. Aly  at home in Texas

Tucks St. Aly at home in Texas

I rode Aly again today after breakfast, and lunged and free lunged him first. He did superbly and my mom was extremely impressed with how quickly he obeys the voice cues for w,t,c while lunging especially. I also rode without stirrups for a good 15 minutes or so just to challenge myself and hopefully keep a good seat even though I am coaching myself. I’m afraid I didn’t get any pictures of that ride because after lunging my mom had to go inside but I hope to send the pictures my friend got of him lunging yesterday to you soon. I’m also sending just a few more of him in the stall and a few more of the ones from the ride yesterday. They’re not so good but I don’t have my professional Elizabeth photographer so what can I say. I’m just about whiped out with getting my homework done and my essays; I’ll be extremely glad to have a week off. Somehow in all my business though I still manage to get lonely for the farm and all the creatures there! I tell you it’s a good thing I have Aly or I think it would be unbearable. When I kept thinking to myself about the farm yesterday and finally realized how much I think about it, I realized, I’m Farmsick!

I have to go stop procrastinating and finish my last essay for English. I hope y’all have a nice Sunday.