First Lesson on Antioch

Antioch and Molly take their first lesson together.

The lesson went so well! They worked on a little ground work and then walk and halt and steering and backing with lots of circles and serpentine. The also practiced mounting from both sides with the mounting block and having him stay still. He learns so fast! Lots of praise and patting was used. At the end she did a little trotting and it was awesome! Antioch was so great and our trainer really did seem to understand him and how to teach Molly on him. The trainer was skeptical of our decision to buy him, but I think she is seeing how wonderful he is! We are going to try to do two lessons a week for a while to really get Molly confident.

Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds are easy to train but it sometimes helps to have someone coaching and encouraging you. Too often all you get is criticism because of peoples’ lack of knowledge about ex-race horses.