First Ride on Gold Commander One

Gold Commander OneDear Michelle and Elizabeth,


Attached is a photo, not worthy of posting anywhere, but nonetheless evidence of my first ride. I think the trainer is being particularly cautious. I appreciate her caution, but at the same time, I know Gold and I could be making a little more progress. However, I should not discount the fact that the weather is a significant problem.

It is bloody HOT in Memphis, TN. And Goldie is feeling it, particularly. So, any work is strictly limited, as it has been for most of the horses.

Yesterday I went out and we did some longe line work. He’s picking it up. And I talked my trainer into letting me get on Gold for a brief time. Though miserably hot, and in a small indoor ring, I was thrilled. In those moments on Goldie, he confirmed everything you two, and Becky have said about him, and everything that I have experienced w/ him thus far. He is a sensitive, intelligent and honest horse. While silly without tack, once the saddle is on, he is focused and “listening”. I have absolutely fallen for this guy. I couldn’t be more pleased with him. Our beginning, while slow, has been satisfying. And our experiences just make me anticipate each day together with joy and excitement.

Goldie is getting special treatment in the barn, too. He’s the biggest horse, which seems to impress everyone. And the only retired racer, though not the only Thoroughbred. Everyone has commented on how gentle and well mannered he is. I constantly credit Michelle for that. In addition to his usual meals, he always has hay. And he gets “senior water”…a little more grain slushed in w/ water midday to encourage hydration. He gets Guiness w/ his evening grain to encourage sweating. He has put on about 100 pounds since arrival. I’ll probably pull him off the fat supplement soon, but continue w/ the joint supplement and Farrier Finish.

Elizabeth, once our weather becomes more reasonable and we find ourselves outside more, I hope to send you some good looking photos for the Bits and Bytes page. Goldie deserves to be seen in all his handsomeness.

Michelle, thank you for sending those photos during his racing career. I ran right out and bought frames.

Finally, miracle of miracles, my husband has fallen for Gold too. And he has been motivated to take riding lessons. Yesterday was his first. Frankly, I was moved. Never did I anticipate Jim becoming involved in my horse madness. I credit Goldie for this development. I’ve attached 2 pics of Jim and Goldie hanging out together.  I cannot thank you both enough. More to come (once we get through this freakin’ heat advisory).

Jennifer Himes