Gentle Brave Knight Villain

Here’s a link to a tiny video clip I took with Knight recently. He shows off his super neck reining response and a couple steps of an easy canter. He’s sound, whole, happy, fat, and loving his life as a full time trail buddy. He even surprised us by being the brave one to go through the flooded creek first, when all his friends were saying “no way”. He’s kind and gentle with everyone, loves to give “pony rides” to visiting kiddies, yet still turns it on for me out on the galloping track in true race horse fashion. I think he’ll never forget he’s a champion. He’s still the same “Gentle Knight” as always, and he’s the love of my life 🙂
Enjoy! (sorry it’s a little grainy… I need one of those fancy GoPro camera things)
Also, here’s our 6th year anniversary picture (attached), taken last Christmas 🙂 (Photo credit to Lennon-Freire Photography)
Take care