Gentle Brave Knight Villain

Knight Villain - Sixth Anniversary photo

Sixth Year Anniversary update for Knight Villain. He’s sound, whole, happy, fat, and loving his life as a full time trail buddy. He’s kind and gentle with everyone, loves to give “pony rides” to visiting kiddies, yet still turns it on for me out on the galloping track in true race horse fashion. I think he’ll never forget he’s a champion.

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Antioch Video

We got a quick update on how Antioch is doing. Look at how well he is moving and he is on the bit. We are very proud of this pair! There are several videos on Antioch on YouTube. Watch them and see how an off-the-track Thoroughbred’s body changes as they learn to balance themselves and…

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Chipawild in Hunter Training in Florida

If you go on You Tube there is a video if Chippa in FL. She is being ridden by Jaime Gibson (the Gibson’s are good friends of mine and all in the horse business) who is a very talented young professional after a successful junior career. It took a while to get her “right” but I think you will like the video.

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