Rule My HeartSooo, here we go…. As soon as it was certain, that we were going to move from Munich in Germany to Huntsville, Alabama, I started searching for the “perfect” horse on the other side of the world…. and soon got hooked on 4 year old Rule My Heart. It took some time, but then Heart finally moved from Kentucky to Alabama, almost a week before we would actually be moving. So here I was with a horse, I had never seen in real life and which I would not even be able to welcome home, since his new home was still not my new home.

When we did get to Huntsville, Hearts barn had to be our first destination. I was very surprised by how much more beautiful he is, than what the pictures had suggested. His head is much smaller and so pretty 🙂

After one day of lunging I got up in the saddle… Heart was such a good boy! He is so very different to what a lot of people I spoke to made me expect of a 4 year old Thoroughbred… a fidgety, spooky animal, which will run of, as soon as it can…

Well here is what I got: a calm, confident, loving and very reliable horse, which would take at least a bomb exploding right next to him to make him run of and which I would feel comfortable sitting my beginners rider boyfriend on right now. Heart is just so laid back, that each time I ride him, I wonder how the jockeys on the track made him run at a high speed at all!!! 😀

Yesterday I “accidentally” started jumping him. I had been trotting him over poles for a couple of days, so yesterday I put them up, just a notch, so he would have to lift his legs up, just a little bit higher. Well by the second time round, instead of trotting, he decided it was time to start jumping… and boy, it really feels good having him jump!!!

Heart has also made new horse friends with his two barn mates. He’s actually become head of the little group! When he first arrived he was a bit on the shy side, but now he’s rather on the cheeky *g*. He’s testing everybody how far he can go. But I do hope that will get better once he has accepted these boundaries. When I talked to Becky, a trainer at Hearts former track, the other day, she was really surprised at his change and I still have to laugh at her quote “chicken boy at the track is growing a big heart!” … I can’t imagine Heart being a chicken boy, so it seems like life off-the-track is becoming him just fine 🙂

If anyone would like to read more about Heart and how we are moving along, you are welcome to check on Rule My Heart’s very own blog.