OTTB: Off-Track-Trail-Boss

Rule My Heart First Trail Ride

Seeing Heart walking around out there like he’s been doing it all his life and loving it, it is simply impossible to believe this guy has ever been a race horse. Somewhere along the way to me he must have been confused with another horse 😉 But whoever he is, I’m keeping him… he’s just great! 🙂

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German Import Gets American Thoroughbred

As soon as it was certain, that we were going to move from Munich in Germany to Huntsville, Alabama, I started searching for the “perfect” horse on the other side of the world…. and soon got hooked on 4 year old Rule My Heart. It took some time, but then Heart finally moved from Kentucky to Alabama, almost a week before we would actually be moving. So here I was with a horse, I had never seen in real life and which I would not even be able to welcome home, since his new home was still not my new home.

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