Getting Caught Up with Tru Native


Tru Native and his herd leader Lauren Wittkop.

Hi Elizabeth,

Just a quick email to let you know how SUPER Truman is coming along this last week. He is even now accepting lunging with side-reins (very loose) with some cantering. He is getting stronger, balanced and more confident each day. I will be sending off another success story in the next week or so with new pictures of me riding and trotting.

I haven’t seen the story I sent you early last week up on the website but will keep checking. I love your website and look at it everyday, it is so interesting to look up different horses success stories and read them. It’s addicting and fun…

Have a great day, and I will keep in touch with a new “Tru” story soon. I just love him!


Elizabeth’s Note: OK. OK. Lauren is really applying the lessons on training I shared with her. She is making it difficult for me because I have not gotten her Tru Native Success Stories up on the site! Lauren’s stories really give insight to how easy it is to train an off-the-track Thoroughbred if you understand some basic natural horsemanship concepts. Go back and read Tru Native’s Success Stories from the beginning and see how Lauren has learned to become the herd leader.