Every Adult Woman will Appreciate – Your Husband on Your Horse!?!

Husband learns to ride on OTTB - Outflankem. See more photos in their photo gallery. Click on the image to go to the gallery.

Outflankem aka “Bailey” is still learning to give to the bit, but Neil is doing a great job of keeping his hands and seat quiet. It’s taking less and less time for “Bailey” to relax and reach down. I may be biased, but I think they look very handsome together!

Adding rice bran to his diet and the five-day wormer has had an instantaneous effect.


Sometimes Thoroughbreds need some extra calories to keep the weight on in the cold. Rice bran and other fat supplements add calories without carbs. You do not want to increase the grain too much or you could cause colic or behavior problems. Beet pulp is another good source of calories for horses. Always be sure to rotate your wormers to get all the different types of worms eliminated. It is  good practice to do a five day double dose of Fenbendazol but not before worming a few times with less powerful wormers. Killing off too many worms at one time can cause colic. Always discuss worming and medical issues with your vet before trying anything you are not familiar with.