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Punch is a Knock Out!

We rode him for the first time the third day he was here and he was great! He’s very calm about everything and we walked and trotted around for a while. Yesterday he went on his first trail ride with our other gelding around our property and he really enjoyed it.

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OTTB Copper Rocket ROCKS His New Mom’s World

This horse is awesome!!! He is so sweet and is extremely intelligent. It is amazing how quiet he is you would never know he had been recently shipped across country or that he is an ex-racehorse. Well that is until I turn him out in the arena. We are taking his new life adventures very…

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Fast Commander – Same Horse, New Look

Fast Commander has really put on weight, in a nice sport horse way and looks so good. He doesn’t look like a racehorse anymore! Stephanie Elizabeth’s Note: It sometimes takes a few months for an OTTB’s system to adjust to a new lifestyle and feeding program. They take on a totally different shape and with…

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“Max” Needs a Little Reminder from Time to Time

A quick update on “Max” (Maximum Impact). He is doing well and is putting on some weight again. I tell you what – that “girlfriend” is about to drive us nuts because she goes into season and he goes batty because that is his lady…no other horse can get near her. And she is just…

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