“Max” Needs a Little Reminder from Time to Time

A quick update on “Max” (Maximum Impact). He is doing well and is putting on some weight again. I tell you what – that “girlfriend” is about to drive us nuts because she goes into season and he goes batty because that is his lady…no other horse can get near her. And she is just as possessive of him.

He has started back on his training program now that the weather is cooler. He is too much sometimes. When I was working him in the round pen he had decided he had had enough of working and he stopped by his “girlfriend” who was at the arena’s edge. I didn’t want him to stop so I popped the ground at his feet with the lunge whip. Well he was not having any part of that. He kicked back at me. Well that got a pop on the back lower heals and I got another kick. This went on two more times and the last time I popped his behind and he decided I meant business and started working again. He just gets it in his head sometimes that he will be the boss and I have to remind him that he isn’t.

Elizabeth’s Note: Feeding Thoroughbreds is different than feeding Quarter Horses. They need a higher fat and lower starch diet. Find more information and feeding suggestions on the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site under Elizabeth’s Training Notes and on the Bits & Bytes Farm Feeding Program page.