Gold’s Anatomy – Ready Set Show!

Gold's Anatomy at home in Arizona

Gold's Anatomy is the new Pony Club mount of Laura Hempleman.

Goldie’s (Gold’s Anatomy)papers arrived yesterday, thank you.  He’s coming along really nicely and we are taking him to his first local schooling show the end of this month.  We plan on just working a bit in the warm up ring to give him some exposure to a show environment.  Laura will be schooling her event horse in jumpers so Goldie will have a calm buddy.  We finally bought a new camera so I will be sending pics soon!


Gold’s Anatomy came off-the-track in April 2009. He shipped to Flagstaff, AZ where he is the new Pony Club mount of Laura Hempleman. It is a great idea to take a horse to a show and not to show. A horse may think he is on his way back to the race track on his first trip away from his new home. Let him look around and get used to the energy and sounds of a horse show. Expect some extra energy at first.  Just remember that your ex-race horse has no idea of where he will be when you drop the ramp on his trailer. His only experience is being shipped to a track to race. Most horses figure the show out in about an hour and could care less about where they are as long as it is not at a race track.