Gold Commander One Update

Michelle and Elizabeth,

The heat is tremendous. I get soaked to the bone going to the barn. However, we’re all coping.

Goldie has transitioned well to his new home. He makes friends easily. He has a pony buddy, a little paint. And all the ladies, girls and little girls at the barn LOVE him – of course. He tried to flirt w/ a little Thoroughbred mare, but she didn’t take kindly to his friendliness.

Gold’s routine consists of early morning and late evening turn outs, w/ stall time in the heat of the day. He has an end stall w/ window and high velocity fan. Two big buckets of water hang in the stalls for the summertime. His hay bag is filled everyday.

I have him on his supplement food you provided, as well as the joint supplement and am considering Farrier Finish. (Not sure whether that
is overdoing it on the joint supp.). He is a gentleman in the crossties. I couldn’t be more pleased with his ground manners. He gets hosed down everyday in this heat, and I have bathed him on the weekends. Training on the lunge line w/ walk trot transitions began
last Friday. He started to get with the program after a bit. I’ve located a nice used saddle. The trainer and I are going to see about
the fit this coming weekend. On my own, I take Gold out to the arena and walk him around the perimeter and over cavaletti poles. He has
inspected every corner, and he’s shown off a bit too. I will forward a short digital video I took yesterday.

I’m hoping to take a short ride w/in the next week or two. I’ll let you know how that goes. He is a real love. Thank you.

I hope all is well in Ohio, and down in Georgia.