Gold Commander One

Went to see Goldie after work today. He is such a gentle horse. A tribute to Michelle’s training. He stands in cross ties, no problem. He likes the wash rack & bathes. Walked him around the perimeter of the outside arena, then let him off lead. He visited the horses in the adjacent paddocks, and strode back over to me when he heard the crinkle of the granola bar wrapper. What a card. Then we did some grazing. Finally, a hosing down & back to the stall where he has plenty of hay. He’ll have early morning turnout before the heat of the day becomes oppressive. I’ll spend the weekend with him. Maybe we’ll work on a lunge line. My deeply sincere thanks to you both. What a fabulous evening! I love this big boy.

Will that crazy grin ever come off my face? 7

Gold looks for treats from the little one. More to follow.